Framed School Sign


1 Completed Sign $80.00/ 2 Completed Signs $75.00 a piece / 3 Completed Signs $70.00 a piece

1 DIY Kit Sign $70.00 / 2 DIY Kit Signs $65.00 a piece / 3 DIY Kit Signs $60.00 a piece

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Dig out those school picture envelopes and get ready to finally display those precious smiles! Show off your little ones for years to come in this unique framed picture sign. Customize the years your little one spent in Pre-K and K during checkout.


***Fit 2.5 x 3.5 wallet size photos***

1-2 years of Pre-K (19x 24.5″ )

3 years of Pre-K (19x 29.5″)

**Available with 0,1,2,3 years of Pre-K

***Need double sided acid-free tape to adhere the pictures. ***

***DIY KIT – need hammer***

Additional information

Choose Frame Color

White (paint), Brown (paint), Black (paint), Dark Gray (paint), Dark Red (paint), Greige (paint), Light Gray (paint), Light Blue (paint), Blue (paint), Light Purple (paint), Rams Marron (paint), Red (paint), Orange (paint), Light Yellow (paint), Bright Yellow (paint), Light Green (paint), Green (paint), Dark Turquoise (paint), Turquoise (paint), Magenta (paint), Bright Pink (paint), Light Pink (paint), Briarsmoke (stain), Charcoal Gray (stain), Dark Walnut (stain), Ebony (stain), Provincial (stain), Weathered Gray (stain)

Choose Background Color

Blue (paint), Brown (paint), Dark Red, Light Green (paint), Light Pink (paint), Light Yellow, Light Yellow (paint), Rams Maroon, Rams Maroon (paint), Briarsmoke (stain), Charcoal Gray (stain), Dark Walnut (stain), Ebony (stain), Provincial (stain), Black (paint), Weathered Gray (stain), Dark Blue (paint), Dark Gray (paint), Dark Purple (paint), Dark Turquoise (paint), Green (paint), Greige (paint), Light Blue (paint), Light Gray (paint), Light Purple (paint), Light Turquoise (paint), Magenta (paint), Orange (paint), Pink (paint), White (paint), Yellow (paint), Red (paint)

Choose Design Color

Light Pink, Dark Red, Red, Orange, Light Yellow, Bright Yellow, Light Green, Green, Dark Turquoise, Turquoise, Light Blue, Blue, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Rams Maroon, Magenta, Bright Pink, Pink Berry, Greige, Light Grey, Dark Grey, White, Brown, Black

Preschool (years 0-3)

0, 1, 2, 3

Kindergarten (years 0-2)

0, 1, 2

Product Type

Completed Project, DIY Kit

Number of Frames Ordering

1 Frame, 2 Frames, 3 Frames


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